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Educational Films
by Broadman, Richard
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Traces the alteration, through economic and political influences, of the Parker Hill area of Roxbury in Boston. An ethnically mixed family neighborhood, at present largely Irish Catholic, is now the location of a racially tense public housing project (named Mission Hill for a local church) which is occupied mainly by blacks
Topic: Social conditions
Prelinger Archives
by Bashaw (Frederick J.)
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There could be no better film than this to show how old, character-filled neighborhoods in cities across the nation were wantonly destroyed during the "new is better" 1950s. The term used was "urban renewal". Cities across the United States are shown, in old, established residential and business districts of great charm, and new, "urban renewal"-inflicted areas of equally great ugliness; the camera keeps cutting from some beautiful old Victorian structure to some...
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Prelinger Archives
by Philip M Brown; Central Film Company; Talking Picture Epics
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Silent film looks at Boston and its landmarks.
Topic: Boston